Root and upgrade Colorfly E708 Q1



How to root Colorfly E708 Q1:

To root Colorfly E708 you will need to enable USB debugging in Developer Settings.

Also, connect your tablet and make sure that drivers from E708 is properly installed on your PC. Tablet will install drivers on PC on first connect. You could go to Device manager and see if you don’t have any unknown Android devices.

1. Install vRoot on your computer. You can download it in from here.

2. Install that program and don’t worry if program is on Chinese. There is older version of this program on English but I don’t know if it will work, I used Chinese version.

3. Now connect tablet to PC and be sure that it is connected on USB 2.0 or Higher and that it doesn’t lose connection. vroot

In Vroot you should see this tablet and it should be recognized.

There is green ROOT button, press on it like on picture.

Wait a few seconds, your tablet will reset and tablet will be rooted. You can install SuperSU if you don’t like stock application.



How to upgrade to newer version:

Resolution is the same (1280x800) but everything is with less details.

Resolution is the same (1280×800) but everything is bigger, nicer

New version of ROM won’t  remove any of your apps or settings but you could do a backup with Titanium backup, Online Nandroid backup or some other so root is not required but it is recommended. Maybe later I will update this tutorial with how to install CWM and some other unofficial rom. With latest rom a lot of bugs have been fixed and battery last longer.

1. Download PhoenixUSBPro from here, install it. Just click next (N) and that will install program, accept unknown drivers.

2. Extract newest ROM from .rar archive which you can download here. This is multilanguage rom.  However there is down side of new roms since September 2013 that Colorfly decided to lower the resolution and details in menus. You have example of the right. A lot of stuff is updated but I don’t like this.

Update (5/2014): You can download offical update 14.5.2015. (v4. 08) and it is Android 4.4.2. There is bad side that all your apps and stuff on internal memory will be deleted. Download v4.08 from here.

2. Open that program, it will be on English. You will get message that newer (1.0.8) version is available, update it.

3. When program is updated connect Colorfly E708 to pc and make sure that USB debugging is enabled.

4. Click on “Firmware” button on top, browse for image, click upgrade. As recommended, click No.

5. Wait for few minutes, after everything is done tablet will restart. Don’t worry if first start takes a long time, don’t disconnect tablet from pc.

If you don’t understand some part I made a video too.

My E708 wasn’t rooted after this and I needed to root it again. This time I clicked on grey icon “root” in Vroot.

All credits goes to my friend Iconic Icon who explained me this.

Link to previous versions. (note: since version 2709 screen is optimized)

If you have any questions about tablet or this tutorial you can leave it in comments.

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81 Responses

  1. chronos says:

    thanks for the info, i’ll try the new rom 😀

  2. rodrigez says:

    nice tutoral thanx! pls can u tell how to make cwm?

  3. Artem says:

    After flashing stopped working accelerometer. What to do?

    • Anton008 says:

      Could you explain that? I have just played Minion Rush on colorfly and everything is working on latest rom. You could try installing older one, I have posted links to it.

  4. Dob says:

    Hi, thanks for the info!

    When you say “since version 2709 screen is optimized” do you mean that firmwares:
    have the new resolution with bigger icons?
    I’ve installed 20131021 and i don’t like the new resolution, does it mean that i need to install 20130912 to get the former screen resolution ?


  5. David Rando says:

    Thank you very much for putting this tutorial together. I’ve updated mine and everything is working great. I like what they changed, so i have bigger letters and icons.

  6. Artem says:

    And what will happen if I click yes?

  7. rydonwunali says:

    Thanks Anton. I’ve successfully rooted.

  8. Johan says:


    I have downloaded trough your links and now i have version 20131126, is that the correct one that i have to use to have the best performance?

    Thnx btw for your tutorial 🙂

    • Anton008 says:

      Yes, that is newest one.

      • Johan says:

        Thnx, when i install phoenixsuit, he don’t automaticly update to version 1.08 or give me that question, when i manually clicks on update, nothing happens, do you have another solution?

        • Anton008 says:

          Dunno, use older version.

          • Johan says:

            That is also not the solution, i have found a higher version and installed that, that is version 1.06, can i upgrade with this 1.06 version or do i get problems now when i’m going to update?

            • Roxarmy says:

              Hello, ty for your tutorial 🙂
              I have the same problem, i guess the PhoenixSuit server is down. I’m looking for the v1.0.8 but she’s very well hidden on the web ><
              So i try with the 1.0.6 in 4 computer (2 on windows 8 with this; and 2 on Windows 7) and my tablet is still not recognized :'( ! I activate the Debug mode in parameters and nothing when i plug it :/
              I don't know if i must have the v1.0.8. Can you uplaod your phoenixSuit directory please ? 🙂
              Thank you !

  9. zertsed says:

    Hello Anton !
    Could you confirm that i can flash my E708Q2 with this solution please ? build version is : E708Q2-SV2.08-CQL-2.131111 …
    Thx !

  10. JP says:


    im also having problems with the tablet not shifting into horizontal mode when i tilt the device. Can anyone help me?

  11. JP says:

    For those, that have had problems with the screen not automatically turning when tablet is tilted:
    -Try recalibrating the sensor in the settings menu. That solved it for me

    All good now. Thank you Anton for your work.

  12. Theo says:

    Hi Anton,

    Thanx for all the tips and info
    I have a problem,
    my colorfly isnt recognized by the pc any more
    is there any way to change/replace the os with the memory card?
    thanx in advance


  13. Darko Cuncic says:


    could you please tell me where to find new rom for Colorfly tablets ?

    Thank you !

  14. Johan says:

    Can someone help me?

    My tablet don’t start anymore to the homescreen, when i click on the power button you see after a few seconds a round blue circle with “Colorfly” inside, you see the white line at the outside circling around the logo, but after a few seconds its stop. Have someone a solution for me?

    The Resetbutton works but then after a few seconds he stops again, see story above.

    • Anton008 says:

      What did you do to get this?

      • Johan says:

        When i whas playing the game “Hay Day” the tablet became very slow, i closed the game, and when i was in the homescreen, there was a error that with something like “googleproces” has stopped, then i hit the powerbutton and shutdown the tablet, then i hit the powerbutton again and he start with Collorfly Efficient and then you see E708 Q1, and then you see the blue circle and then he stops with turning that white thing inside that blue circle.

  15. Ptriv says:

    Did anybody saw better battery performance after update to latest version ?

    I did the upgrade to version E708 Q1_SV3.09.CQL_20131126 and saw no better battery performance.

    The update was made without reset.

  16. Cyril says:

    Hello is this working for the Q2 version? thxs

  17. livada2 says:

    nikako da mi vroot prepozna i napise kao na tvojoj slici 🙁 on krene sam ja ista ne kliknem al nista na kraju…. ne resetira se tablet. kako ja zna mda je rootan tablet=? moram dobit onu ikonu user ka i na mobitelima?

  18. Kokie says:

    Hey dudes, I’ve poked the reset button of the tablet (Q1) and now it stucks on the colorfly logo and doesn’t reach to the homepage at all. Has anyone experienced something similar? I was thinking of upgrading to the new rom, but in my PC can’t detect it either and I don’t know what to do.

    • Anton008 says:

      You need to install drivers on pc. You could also ask questions on facebook group.

      • Kokie says:

        Hello again! Well, I’ve installed Vroot and Phoenix USB and when I plug it in I see two new drives in My Computer, but not the internal memory like before. The programs didn’t detect it either. What drivers should I install exactly and what is the facebook group. I’m totally stuck on that and don’t know how to reset it into factory state, it didn’t work out with that stupid button.

  19. kp says:

    my colorfly seems to use up the battery very fast. 60 percent gone in 1 hour of youtube and browsing. Does anyone have this problem?

  20. kp says:

    I need ur help guys.

    the phoenixsuit v.1.0.8 upgrade option didn’t turn up.

    and phoenixsuit v.1.0.4 doesn’t detect my colorfly e708 q1

  21. Jackal says:


    My colorfly E708 q1 tablet has a problem… normally its sound is not working.. but if i try to set alarms rings music, its ringing… else no sound..

    I try to load new firmware.. but there is nothing.. same problem.. any one now whaht is the problem…

    I try to change profile to outdoor, turn all volumes %100 .. but no correction..

    help please..

    • Anton008 says:

      Start some game/app and then higher up volume.

      • Jackal says:

        i try apps, games.. all of them volumes seems %100 but no sound… only starting and closing sounds.. or while editing alarms rings.. else there is no soun in apps and games..

        • mido says:

          I have similar problem, no more sound from speakers except when screen is off (E708 Q1_SV4.08_CQL_20140514). Would a reflash solve the problem ? thanks

  22. Norska says:

    I would say thanks for the nice tutorial. All works well with the latest firmware.

    But is there any chance to get a cm firmware for the E708 Q1 some day ?

  23. Aiden York says:

    Hi guys,a cwm or twrp recovery would be really awesome :)Anybody working on it?

  24. holger says:

    MSR Valkyria Project (Android 4.4.2)

    Site :

    Thanks Christian Troy and Valkyria Project

  25. Hasan Mahmood says:

    Hello Guys

    I’ve bought Colorfly E708 Q1 a while ago. My digitizer is broken. Can anyone tell me about any online shopping store from where I can buy it? or any source?

  26. Aiden says:

    Hey guys, I got a problem with my colorfly e708 q1… I can’t get the tablet connected via USB . so I can’t upgrade via Phoenix. Is there a way to upgrade from internal storage? I think I might have deleted some system files, which caused the problem not being able to connect the tablet via usb anymore… Not really sure about that. Updated some time ago to the last Android 4.2.2 base via Phoenix.

  27. Unoqualsiasi says:

    Hy, after having upgraded to E708 Q1_SV4.07_CQL_20140418 I have lose the gps. Trying to understand the problem, installing “gps essential” I received the warning “not compatible with your device”.
    To solve the issue I have had to downgrade back to E708 Q1_SV3.09_CQL_20131126.
    Now the GPS works, but I’m back to JellyBean….any suggestions??
    Thank you. Francesco.

  28. baxebe says:

    Hello anton008 !

    My tablet colorfly e708 q1 plays only music format wma and the other music format it cannot plays , why ? please give me advice about that .
    thanks !

  29. sack3 says:

    thanks for the info, was helpful

  30. Sherman says:

    Hi Anton,

    I tried to resume the older resolution of E708 Q1 to run an application, and installed the ROM 20130912, but then the touch screen doesn’t work. Would you share the ROM 20130912 firmware and advise how to make the touch screen work ?

    Many thanks

  31. Meerkat says:

    Hello Anton!
    My Colorfly E708 Q1 don’t turns on after battery drain. I’ve charged it but nothing happens when I try to turn it on. I’ve tried to flash firmware with MicroSD card, it flashed but same, nothing happens. Can you please help me?

  32. HOBBO says:

    Hi. I have a problem with my E708 Q1. My son has blocked the tablet with an indecipherable pattern, and has loose the email key ( childs ). I need to return to recovery mode or factory mode. How can I do it ? Please….HELP ME !!!


  33. Qball says:

    Thanks for your precise description. I followed it step by step, but during the flashing process phoenixSuit crashed and now my tablet is dead. I tried the option to press the home button and connecting the tablet with my pc and the running PhoenixSuit. Didn’t worked. Do you have any idea? Thanks!!

  34. Joseph Whitehead says:

    Hmm, that link seems dead and they 403’d directory listings so I can’t find the newer ones. I’m running a Q2, anyways. I was wondering if this information would still work (but with the correct ROM!), and am looking it up right now. Thanks for the information on these tablets!

    Does anyone know which debug USB drivers work on a E708 Q2? I was wanting to do some root-like stuff without having to actually root it, also. I wonder how they identify an app as built-in versus 3rd-party. There probably has to be some kind of keychain/trusted-signer certificate store that you can add to with debug mode.

    • Anton008 says:

      Which link is dead? I checked all and they are working. Downloading is a little bit slow but it works. You should check on chinese forums for Q2 rom. Drivers should be automatically installed from tablet if you select CD installation on USB settings on tablet.

      • Joseph Whitehead says:

        It seems that all the old versions of the ROMs from Colorfly’s own download site in China are removed after newer versions are put there. Those are the ones with broken links (404 error means they deleted them). I found the newest versions for both Q1 and Q2.
        E708 Q1_SV4.07_CQL_20140418.rar
        E708 Q2_SV3.03_CQL_20140423.rar
        Basically just change the existing links to those filenames. The paths stayed the same. To find the older versions, you have to look around the usual spots. 😉

        Oh, you mean the drivers are stored on the tablet’s Removable Storage drive? Ah, that makes me feel… dumb to be looking all over for the debug ones when they’re on the tablet. I’ll boot it with USB debugging turned off, in order to get to them. Thanks!

        I’m mainly interested in backing up the nandg partition (right one?) so that I don’t have to worry about messing up the thing when rooting. Thanks for response!

  35. Joseph Whitehead says:

    There is a reset button on the tablet next to the power button. Try that and you might be able to reset the settings?

  36. bisu says:

    All worked fine with the update.
    but the tablet is now for about 10-15 minutes in ” colorfly efficient ” logo and stucked there. anyone know what i can do now? should i press the power off button or the reset button? :/ pls any ideas?

  37. Aleks says:

    The problem with the Tablet Colorfly E708 Q1! When loading the Tablet from the battery resets the download. When you connect the tablet to the charger plate is loaded and is charging the battery, and disconnect the charger from the Tablet and tablet screen flickers turns off. Problem appeared after 1.5 years of operation. Reset to factory produced, but it did not give a positive result. The battery tested, battery OK. The impression that between USB and battery a gap. Is it hardware or software? How to cope with failure?

  38. Aleks says:

    I connected the charger from the phone. Connected to the computer’s USB, the result is the same. Although 99% battery charge

    • Anton008 says:

      You can’t charge tablet via PC usb because it gives only 500mA (0.5A). Your charger needs to have at least 5V /1A or even 1.5-2A. Just buy/try diff charger.

  39. miguel says:

    I cant root this tablet, i have the version E708 Q1_SV4.08_CQL_20140514 and on vroot i see my tablet name but in seconds this dissapear and if restart the action, sorry for my bad english.

  40. Anton E says:

    Very very thanks, Anton! My device is Colorfly E708Q1 SV3.06_CQL_20131113 and i successful rooting that. Your information about upgrade is very helpful to me. Next step, i want install Cyanogen. Will Hope it`s really…

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