Pipo W4- Windows 8.1 tablet review


Note: PIPO W4 has replaced old Kingsing. It is the same tablet (same hardware) but now with different name. Pipo W4 is selling for only 89$ on Banggood.

Pipo W4- powerful tablet which sells for only $89, it has a Quad-core Intel processor and Windows 8.1 operating system.
Below you will read how good this tablet really is.


Kingsing W8/Pipo W4 has latest quad-core Intel Atom processor  Z3735G at 1.33 GHz, Intel HD graphics, 16GB of storage, and what is interesting-OS is Windows 8.1. 8 inch IPS screen with 1280 x 800 resolution that has the same view from all angles and 1Gb of RAM. It has an HDMI output, MicroSD port, headphone jack, Bluetooth, built-in Gravity Sensor and microphone. The front camera is more detailed and better than the rear though both are declared as 2 Mpx. All of this will be described in more detail below.

Unpacking the box, the first impression

Kingsing W8 package includes

Kingsing W8 package includes

In the box except the tablet is only the charger and USB cable. Screen protector was placed bad with a lot of bubbles which I immediately removed. There are 4 buttons, Windows Start button, the Power and Volume Up / Down. Turning on is extremely fast, the Windows interface is in English. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of Windows tablet, everything is like on your desktop computer. Interface, windows, programs… everything is the same but even better. You can install all the applications and programs as on a desktop computer. Since I am not particularly a fan of Metro interface I’ve installed “Classic Shell” so my start menu is now like in the Windows 7.  Under System I can see that my Windows 8.1 -32bit is activated and license is valid.

Connecting to Wi-Fi is easy, coverage is good and Windows Update installed a update as soon I was connected. Windows are in English but you can install/change to many languages in Control panel.

Tablet is a fast, fluid. 1Gb ram on this optimized OS is enough for a tablet. Google Chrome and Internet Explorer can without any problem show all sites, games can also run smoothly. You can read more about this in chapter Performance.

Screen, case, quality

It is very thin

It is very thin

It weight only 380 grams

It weight only 380 grams

HDMI and ports

HDMI and ports







Kingsing W8/Pipo W4 has an 8″ IPS screen with resolution 1280 x 800 and display is excellent, brightness is strong enough so you can see screen even at the sun. Touch is extremely accurate, even though close button is so small I can press it without any problems . It supports up to 5 simultaneous touches. Housing is made of high quality plastic, the front side is white and there is the Windows Start button, Power and Volume buttons while the back is a silvery color, it weighs only 378 grams and it is extremely easy to hold. Kingsing W8 is thin and you can hold it for long time in hand. On the back side is a MicroSD card slot which is “Mush have” because Kingsing has only 5GB of free space (16GB total), just buy a 16 or 32Gb card and place it to get “D” partition on which you will later install applications and games. Too bad that there is no screen protector to buy anywhere for this tablet.

Performance, battery

Opened system report

Opened system report

Playing Despicable me

Playing Despicable me

Here is 1Gb RAM enough, all sites, all portals open without problems, quad-processor Intel Atom Z3735G (Baytrail-T) is working great. I went a step further and download from the Microsoft Store Minion Rush, a popular game. This 3D game is spinning so fast, with a lot of FPS and I can play it even better than on the Android tablet with similar specification. Rotating the screen is extremely fast, Intel HD graphics tablet is extremely strong, it will not be heated in the work. About battery: I have Kingsing W8 only for two days so I will describe to you as best I can tell: Tthis morning I took Kingsinga W8 from the charger, I was almost constantly on it, surfing on the Internet, played more then an hour Despicable Me, Wi-Fi is turned on and the battery was after 13h (in the evening)  37%. So the battery is durable, and its capacity is written nowhere so I calculated with the help of apps; minimum calculated battery capacity is around 4100mAh (on 100% battery HWmonitor shows about 15.000 mWh and how voltage is 3.7V from simple mathematical account (division) I got around 4060 mAh). I should note that I did not even calibrate the battery, it is possible that the actual capacity is even larger. If you use this tablet often you will probably get one day and even two days if you use Kingsing less.

Kingsing W8 with connected T-Mobile USB

Kingsing W8 with connected T-Mobile USB

You can select many languages

You can select many languages

I connected the TV to the HDMI output of the tablet and the display is excellent, and I tried the T-Mobile USB stick connected to the USB port on the tablet (via OTG cable that costs $ 1 -you don’t get this in box) and the drivers are successfully installed, 3G Internet has worked successfully.

The sound is great, loud enough so that the 50% is loud enough if you listen watch something on Youtube or listening music in Media Player. I didn’t  had the opportunity to try Bluetooth but I turned it off for better battery life.

It has a front and rear 2Mpx camera which is not something extra, but it will be quite solid for ordinary photos and Skype calls. Note that the front camera much better and more detailed, there is even autofocus. Skype calls on Pipo W4 will be in good quality.


Pipo W4 is a awesome Windows tablet. It has even better performance than Android tablets with a similar configuration, it is  fast, powerful, and simply excellent. This Windows 8.1 Tablet can be purchased at Banggood for only $89.99 (it is In stock) with. Imagine how Windows 8.1 license and Intel hardware costs and how much you get with this tablet. In summary, the tablet is excellent, Quad core Intel Atom processor, 1Gb RAM, strong battery and IPS screen resolution of 1280 x 800 which you will be able to watch even at the sun.  With 380 grams you can take it wherever you go.

If you have any questions or if you want  -$10 coupon feel free to leave a comment.


Note: PIPO W4 has replaced old Kingsing. It is the same tablet (same hardware) but now with different name. Pipo W4 is selling for only 89$ on Banggood.

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  1. Danny says:

    Great review.
    Are you sure that Kingsing W8 has Intel Atom CPU at 1.33Ghz? I see that on other sites they tell it is Quad Core 1.8GHz.

    • Anton008 says:

      In CPU-Z and other programs I have 1.33 Ghz. At CPU specification it is mentioned that Burst Frequency is 1.8 Ghz but dunno how to activate that. Anyway 4x 1.33Ghz is enough.

  2. allex says:

    good review. Pls send to me the coupon. thanks

  3. mucahit says:

    Great review.1 gb ram enough for win8.is have Multilanguage ? Pls send to me the coupon

  4. mucahit says:

    i ordered banggood.Do you have firmware or how can i reinstall windows.I cant find kingsing web or rom

    • Anton008 says:

      I didn’t find firmware on web too, maybe they will release it soon. It is best that you don’t reinstall windows because all works fine and there is no point of doing this.

  5. Moonmun says:

    Thanks for your nice review. Could you pls send me a coupon (Banggood account Moonmun)?
    Thanks again.

  6. Mat says:

    Thank you for the review. Could you send me a coupon to my email? Thank you.

  7. Irene says:

    Excellent review! Can you send me a coupon to my email!! Thank you! Regards

  8. Birrel says:

    Thank you for tour great review. Please send a coupon tot my mail. Kind regards,

  9. hacivat says:

    Thank you for review. code please.

  10. hogeharden says:

    Really good review. Please send to me the $10 coupon. I would like to buy it. My account name is hogeharden

  11. Joseph R says:

    What is the VRAM for the intel HD Video Card on this?

  12. Martha Joseph says:

    did it come installed with microsoft office

  13. Birrel says:

    Can you resend me the coupon? Thanks.

  14. ZacharLDZ says:

    Great review 😉 Could you send me the coupon? Thanks 😉

  15. Mat says:

    Well they increased the price by 20 USD and are now offering a 12 USD coupon? At the current price it’s too expensive. I recommend the VOYO Winpad A1 instead which comes with 2GB RAM and double the storage (32GB).

  16. tom says:

    cheapest window tablet in china

  17. Janez says:


    Thank you very much for such a nice review of this amazing tablet. I have few questions depending on usage of this tablet. It is possible to enter in tablet’s BIOS and change bootable disk to external storage (if you don’t know, can you please try to open it – when you power the table, you need to press windows button and power button simultaneously)? According to this I would like to install Android OS since I need it for app development. Alongside that I would use Windows for business tasks and office. What are the temperatures of processor and other components that you see in HWMonitor in idle and in full load (please post screenshots)? Is any part of tablet hot when you are using it, especially when the tablet is in full load and which part is it? What are cons of the tablet and what do you think about Windows 8.1 on tablet?

    Thank you for everything in advance! If you will convince me to buy the tablet, I will need coupon (if still works) 🙂

    • Anton008 says:

      I don’t know how to enter in BIOS. To turn it on you just press Power button for 2sec and there is no BIOS screen. There is no Android available to download for Kingsing (at least I didn’t find it). Cons are that on Win 8.1 there is only 4Gb of free space after few updates so you need to have memory card. ( I have 32Gb inserted and I install everything on “D” drive). Coupon is listed above.

      • tigercomp says:

        Actually bios can be entered from windows:
        Click Settings.
        Click Change PC Settings.
        Click Update and recovery, then select Recovery.
        To the right beneath Advanced Startup, click Restart now.
        Once the boot menu appears, select Troubleshoot.
        In the Troubleshoot menu, select Advanced options.
        In the Advanced options menu, click UEFI Firmware Settings.
        Click Restart. The system will restart and enter UEFI (BIOS).
        But all options are accessible from there (external boot is possible). I messed with S3>S5 power saving option and hardware is currently dead! So all you do there is very dangerous.
        PS: Can you help me with BIOS recovery? Please, contact me by email.

        • Anton008 says:

          Did you connected keyboard when you were doing this? Did yo try connecting tablet to power, acessing BIOS with keyboard on start? Could you explain how your hw is dead?

          • tigercomp says:

            Sure – no reaction on everything:) Yes, i have keyboard connected, I have tried power up with delete and many keys/buttons combinations. I opened case and found:
            -one of the speakers is gone
            -battery 3,7v 14,06Wh
            -mainboard look like prepared for other brands – named V8L-Z3735G-V1.2
            -sadly no BIOS reset
            -and there is small FLASH Winbond 25Q64DWTIM – It’s 8MB UEFI BIOS
            My plan is reprogram this chip using BIOS.bin from working Kingsing W8. UEFI does not reset on power down – it is flash memory. I left the battery disconnected for two days.
            I prepared official Intel dump program with simple manual, please give it a try. Link:

            • tigercomp says:

              Please let me know if it works.

            • tigercomp says:

              Great support from KingSing on QQ, already have all needed files!

            • Bole says:

              Hi tigercomp,

              could you, please, tell us how they helped you? Is there a way to flash again rom image with Windows and revert to factory settings?

            • kingnotsing says:

              Hi tigercomp, can you share solution. I have same problem, W8 is dead after playing with BIOS settings…

            • helpmeh says:

              Hey, I have the same problem as you and I’ve gotten no response from kinginsg. Could you help me out?

        • Antun says:

          I had the same problem. Connect usb hub, kyboard and usb or SD card recovery drive. Turn on tablet and press ESC key, and bios will apere. After that you can restore tablet from USB or SD card like any other PC.

  18. ajaz says:

    Hi I linked your review would like to buy send me the discount code

  19. David Magalhaes says:

    Dear Anton.

    Thank for the review.
    A tablet for this price is just…., incredible!.

    Kindly send me a cupon if still valid of course.


  20. S says:

    I would like to ask, that it is possible to reinstall the Windows on this tablet if the operating system is crashed?
    I think yes, but can I find drivers for this device? I mean is it necessary to install dedicated Kingsing drivers or enough just a brand new Windows OS and this will be able to handle all kind of hardware, especially the cameras and touchscreen without special Kingsing drivers?

    • Anton008 says:

      I didn’t find any drivers for Kingsing W8. Maybe we should contact Kingsing directly to email about this.

      • S says:

        Thanks. Good idea. I will try it.
        And one more question. You have much more experience with the tablet now. What would you know to say about the battery time? How long does the battery endure with a full of charge under a normal usage. I mostly would use the device to surf the Internet, and watch movies.
        Sorry for the lot of question, but I am thinking about buying a cheap Windows tablet and I can’t decide between this and Toshiba Encore Mini WT7-C16. Kingsing seems to be better in almost every aspect but Toshiba is a well known and bigger name and I afraid of the problems which used to be with the chinese electronic devices. For example the weak battery time.
        Thank you for your patience and in advance for your answer.

        • Anton008 says:

          Well, battery is fine but it is not so optimized when it is in “stand by”. Wi-Fi works all the time so even when it is not in use at night it drops 10%. Battery will last about a day but charging is fast.

    • tigercomp says:

      Windows 8.1 have build in “refresh” function, stored in 16 GB memory. I think it could be moved to external disk, for more space.

  21. Andreas says:

    Hi! I have ordered the tablet and I am waiting for it to arrive. I would like to ask if you can install apps from the Windows store on the SD card or only the desktop applications. After 2 months of usage and windows updates how much is the free space on C:\ drive? Is it still 4GB? And finally, how would you describe the playback of 1080p and/or 720p mkv movies?
    Many thanks for your review!

    • Anton008 says:

      By default you can’t change where to install apps from Windows store but there are some tutorials on web. Now I have about 2.6Gb free space on C drive.

  22. Marko says:

    Nevezano za ovu temu
    Postovanje,bez ikakve druge namjere stvarno svaka ti cast za recenzije.Neznam dali ih pises iz licnog iskustva ili ne ali recenzije su ti odlicne.Interesuje4 me sljedeca stvar htjeo bih da kupim Kineski mobitel iNew V3 Plus.Znaci unaprijedzenu verziju gore recenziranog modela.Sve u svemu drzao sam “obicni” iNew V3 u rukama i jako,jako mi se svidza mobitel.Samo sam bio nezadovoljan kvalitetom fotografija i ako je u specifikacijama Sony chip i lece.Ali sada dolazim do svog problema zabrinjavame nova verzija ipak u njoj se nalazi mocniji hardver.T6592M Octa Core 1.4GHz 2GB RAM ali baterija istog kapaciteta 1830 1830mAh.Jako slaba baterija za ovaj cpu i 5.0 inch HD displej.Jer najiskrenije ja cu na mobitelu najvise surfati po web-u.To mi je prioritet.Zabrinut sam koliko realno moze baterija da izdrzi?Zanima me tvoje iskustvo u vezi realnog trajanja baterije jer ja dnevno surfam preko mobitela 6 sati.Netrazim ja da traje dva dana baterija ali moze li izdrzati 12 sati teske upotrebe?Mnogo pitanja ali vidim da se razumijes u Kineske proizvodzace mobitela i vjerovatno poznajes njihove korisnike.Zamolio bi te za savjet i pomoc.Unaprijed hvala

  23. Marvie says:

    does it have GPS? VERY strange that you did not had the opportunity/time to test out bleutooth since you tested the battery and be on it like 13 hours as you say..in 13 hours you can not spend 5 min to test the bleutooth?

  24. dianne says:

    Thank you for the review. Geekbuying advertised this unit as having GPS. No one else mentioned it. You said no, but wondering if it has AGPS? Please send me a coupon. Thanks

  25. dianne says:

    Sorry, was not registered when first requesting coupon. Please send again. Thanks

    • Anton008 says:

      Sorry but since new Banggood rules I can’t send -10$ coupons to already registered customers. You need to give me email on which I will send -10$ coupon/invite gift and then you can register with that email.
      Maybe it has AGPS, I am not sure but anyway that is fake GPS which could be only used when you are under wi-fi range 😉

  26. Ian says:

    Can anyone tell me how I can access my recovery partition on an external USB disk? the files are all present on the disk but when I boot my W8 I get a message asking me to press the Windows key to access UEFI, obviously I don’t have a keyboard attached so this isn’t possible.

  27. Bole says:

    BIOS can be entered with a keyboard connected to device and pressing key “DEL” in the first 2 seconds of the boot.

  28. kingnotsing says:

    Anyone knows how to restore BIOS/ROM from non booting W8?

  29. HP says:

    I have used this tablet since 2 weeks ago but now it won’t turn on. Suspect It was happen after some updates installed in the tablet. Do you have any idea…? I would greatly appreciate if there any solutions. Thank you in advance.

  30. Sverker says:


    W4 has a very limited space for apps, just a few GB, so I wonder: The recovery partition occupies about 3,7 GB, so it would be fine to move it to an USB stick.

    But Windows doesn’t give this this option while creating a revcovery stick.

    So I have two questions:
    How do I create a USB stick with the Windows installation image on it?
    How do I delete the recovery partition afterwards? The partition is hidden in Explorer and not possible to delete in Computer Management.

    Thanks in advance


  31. t1coon (Aleksandr) says:

    Anton can ask you to make a copy of the BIOS with Kingsing W8?

  32. ian yeo says:

    Hello I am very interested to buy this awesome tablet. could I have a coupon?

    • Anton008 says:

      I send you 10$ code, it is in your giftcards. But you can use it only if order is above 100$.

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