How to install custom ROM for Cubot GT99

This tutorial is made in several steps. You don’t need to repeat steps you already made.

1st Step: ROOT Cubot if it is not already

To install a custom rom, phone need to be rooted. In Settings/Details in Cubot GT99 click several times on Bulid number so you would open a hidden menu. In the Developer menu, select the option “USB debugging”. Now you can download this file. First install PdaNet program that puts drivers, phone need to be connected while you are doing this and in Debugging mode. When the program is installed, open another folder that contains run.bat, press enter, Cubot will be restarted and you will have root access. If you get stuck somewhere here is a video.

2nd step: installing CWM Recovery

When the mobile phone is rooted, we need another program that we can install from Google Play and another img file. Place recovery which you download in the root of your phone’s SD card (not in any folder). Now open the application Mobileuncle MTK Tools in Cubot. Select an option in the Start Menu: Recovery Update, choose our file. Click OK.  a yellow exclamation mark would appear, then press power again,  your phone should boot into your new cwm recovery now.

3rd Step: Launching CWM, the installation of custom rom

1 *. In Recovery mode enter by pressing Power and Volume up button for a few seconds. Navigating the menu is done via the volume buttons and Power is for selecting option.

2 *. First of all, let’s make a backup option for the stock rom so we can return to it at any time. We do this by checking the Backup and Restore, and then Backup. Let’s wait a few minutes. Go back to main menu. Without this step is not recommended to go further!

3. Select “Install ZIP from sdcard” then “Choose ZIP from external sdcard” then “NAME”. Wait for the installation.

4th In the main menu and select the CWM Wipe data/Factory reset and then reboot.

5th Enjoy the new ROM.

List of current and comments ROMs for CUBOT GT99:


-Advantages: Nice design, lots of themes, comes with MIUI minimarket and preinstalled browser, a very nice looking

-Cons: None


Temp Chinese link:


-Advantages: Nice design

-Cons: do not come with installed Google Play or any replacement or any browser, the Chinese keyboard that can change later

Download: Mega-link

NEW! (25.9.2013.)

Multilingual ROM! Copy of Samsungovog UI, very nice design. It even have gestures which is possible with front camera, Google Play is included, no problems, everything works.

Download:: Link-Mega

For Chinese link please edit- build.prop: Replace zh to en; CN to US in:

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