How to install custom ROM for Cubot GT99

This tutorial is made in several steps. You don’t need to repeat steps you already made.

1st Step: ROOT Cubot if it is not already

To install a custom rom, phone need to be rooted. In Settings/Details in Cubot GT99 click several times on Bulid number so you would open a hidden menu. In the Developer menu, select the option “USB debugging”. Now you can download this file. First install PdaNet program that puts drivers, phone need to be connected while you are doing this and in Debugging mode. When the program is installed, open another folder that contains run.bat, press enter, Cubot will be restarted and you will have root access. If you get stuck somewhere here is a video.

2nd step: installing CWM Recovery

When the mobile phone is rooted, we need another program that we can install from Google Play and another img file. Place recovery which you download in the root of your phone’s SD card (not in any folder). Now open the application Mobileuncle MTK Tools in Cubot. Select an option in the Start Menu: Recovery Update, choose our file. Click OK.  a yellow exclamation mark would appear, then press power again,  your phone should boot into your new cwm recovery now.

3rd Step: Launching CWM, the installation of custom rom

1 *. In Recovery mode enter by pressing Power and Volume up button for a few seconds. Navigating the menu is done via the volume buttons and Power is for selecting option.

2 *. First of all, let’s make a backup option for the stock rom so we can return to it at any time. We do this by checking the Backup and Restore, and then Backup. Let’s wait a few minutes. Go back to main menu. Without this step is not recommended to go further!

3. Select “Install ZIP from sdcard” then “Choose ZIP from external sdcard” then “NAME”. Wait for the installation.

4th In the main menu and select the CWM Wipe data/Factory reset and then reboot.

5th Enjoy the new ROM.

List of current and comments ROMs for CUBOT GT99:


-Advantages: Nice design, lots of themes, comes with MIUI minimarket and preinstalled browser, a very nice looking

-Cons: None


Temp Chinese link: //


-Advantages: Nice design

-Cons: do not come with installed Google Play or any replacement or any browser, the Chinese keyboard that can change later

Download: Mega-link

NEW! (25.9.2013.)

Multilingual ROM! Copy of Samsungovog UI, very nice design. It even have gestures which is possible with front camera, Google Play is included, no problems, everything works.

Download:: Link-Mega

For Chinese link please edit- build.prop: Replace zh to en; CN to US in:

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72 Responses

  1. chakti says:

    He, nice job for our phone.
    The MIUI V5 Rom seems to be very attractive.

    The MIUI link you provide is for 安热网-x1-MIUI-V5-0728更新.zip file.

    What is it ? a ROM for the clone Sege (XYZ-X1) ?
    How to install it ? by cwm ? with flashtools ?
    Can you provide a tutorial ?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Anton008 says:

    Install rom via cwm and look 3rd step. Roms for xyz x1 also work on gt99.

  3. Ravi says:

    where is the link for CWM recovery image?
    can you please post ?

    great work man thanks alot 🙂

  4. Ravi says:

    hi guys,
    Link to Stock Firmware 06/01 ——-
    Download link: Password:
    Link to Updated Stock Firmware 08/02 ——-
    Download link: Password:
    Enjoy…Thanks ANTON 🙂

  5. DiDi says:

    hey anton great post..

    Can you give us a list of PHONES whose ROMs also work for GT99 like the ones of SEGE XYZ x1..

    Thanks alot ANTON.. 🙂 great phone and review

  6. chakti says:

    Is MIUI a multilang rom ?

  7. Chakti says:

    What’s about French language ?

  8. sima10 says:

    Is spanish avaliable for these ROMs?

  9. Schumuckl says:

    Hi, are German languages ​​in Miui?
    How is the performance?
    Is there a Antutu Score?

    Greeting Schumuckl

    • Anton008 says:

      Antutu score is around 11-12000 on 4.0.1 Antutu on this roms and on stock its 13500. I am trying to find some rom with multi-language inside, but most of them are only English and Chinese.

  10. chakti says:

    He, what’s about the new stock firmware in dated on 2013 09 07 ?

  11. Frank says:

    I’m having problems switching on the WIFI and Bluetooth. Could a firmware reflash solve this ?
    If so, what image would you recommend ?

    I’m on the 2013/8/02 version now…..

    I’ll give your method a try Anton, if i know which image to flash…


    • Anton008 says:

      What kind of problem? I don’t know… I have explained everything in tutorial and you even have links for image file….

  12. Frank says:

    I understand why I would need CWM recovery for a custom ROM, but if I would load a factory rom – would that be possible with the stock backup/recovery ?

    I have rooted the phone using Anton008’s method which worked fine….


  13. Frank says:

    The problem with my GT 99 is that I cannot switch on wifi or bluetooth. I switch the slider from off to on, but then it switches back to off automatically. Also I cannot get a 3G connection.

    I’ve updated to the latest version (mentioned by chakti kaže) and flashed using Anton008’s method but I still cannot get a data connection. I’m afraid the phone is defect (DOA) and I’m going to have to send it back to DX….


  14. Frank says:

    Anton008 – thanks for the tip on banggood.

    I’ll send my phone back to DX, because it was DOA and I’ll get a replacement.

    Will come back here when I get the new phone…


  15. fx says:

    Hello !

    I guess that all informations present on the phone will be lost …
    What the best way to save everything (message, phone numbers, etc…) ?

    Thanks !

  16. Frank says:

    Hey Anton – the Samsung ROM looks very nice – does it include English, and/or can I install a second language (Dutch?)

    Also, do you know of a way to replace the startup-screen which, to me, is very loud…

    • Anton008 says:

      Sasmung rom includes a lot of languages, I think one of them is Dutch but I am not sure. However it includes more than stock rom. Only way to avoid that sound is to set phone on “mute” before turning of and then you wont hear that sound. I couldn’t find any better way.

      • Frank says:

        Hi Anton, found this tweak for build.prop;

        # Disable BootAnimation

        This might switch off the Cubot-animation, hopefully including sound….


  17. Frank says:

    OK thanks – maybe I’ll give it a try.

    by the way, on is the latest factory rom, dated 2013/8/24….

    I’m going to update this tonight, see what is does….

    • Anton008 says:

      Just be careful not to end with chinese recovery and language. (replace ZH in build.prop)

      • Frank says:

        Hi Anton, I cannot find a file build.prop
        Should this be in the zipfile ?
        Is this where you set the ‘default’ language ?

        By the way – update is going to be another day because the download went wrong and the zipfile is corrupted 🙁

  18. Tomislav says:

    Jel imas mozda kakav mirror link za MIUI? Ne mogu nikako skinut s ovog linka…

  19. Mackoi says:

    Pls make lewa os 5 for our cubot.. Thnx and more power

  20. nuno talhadas says:

    Can anybody share the zip file. is not going anywhere.


  21. Alberto says:

    I was so lucky to find the samsung rom and it is what i was waiting for this device, but… i don’t know why, the only bug i found is that with that rom (the latest one down on the post) the bluetooth connection goes really mad, almost all the time it doesn’t work (it even doesn’t switch on) and when it switches on it doesn’t find any device and it disconnects again, making it impossible to switch on again ’till a reboot. Is there any fixes? I know that my bluetooth works because i reinstalled the stock rom and it works, but i’ve tried reflashing many times the rom, wiping data/factory reset, and cache, and dalvik’s wipe and i couldn’t fix the bluetooth, so please could you let me know if that’s a real bug or there’s a fix out there?

  22. Sandor says:

    HJälp med Svenska språket till en Cubot P9 ???Tack

  23. kodjoe says:

    My back camera isn’t working anymore. I flashed the miui rom and noticed that the camera stopped working (only the front camera works) now i cannot fully restore to cubot stock rom. Still stuck with the miui splashscreen at startup, after that i see the default cubot loading screen (the white one with the black and orange letters scrolling). I made an backup but somehow my camera still doesn’t work after restoring. Do you know what I can do to resolve this?

    • kodjoe says:

      Both cameras are fully functioning again!!! I used Whatsapp (attach video option and then chose camcorder) to activate my back camera again 🙂

      • Daniela says:

        Please can YOU explain me how did you solve this back camera problem because I have the same problem with Samsung Galaxy Note Rom.

  24. Sinh Soc Khone says:

    I do like the MIUI rom! Im going to buy this phone when have money :)) it is better than Haier W910 even this phone has no IP67…

    All I need is good phone, nice screen, good battery, not too big, good for music player and camera!!

  25. Daniel says:

    Hi, I have a problem when I attempt to root the phone.
    When i select “run.bat”
    I get the following message:
    “‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”

    How do I fix this? Sorry I’m new to this phone rooting.


  26. Kail says:

    Salve, ho provato la ROM Samsungovog UI ma purtroppo non funziona il bluetoot, esistono delle patch o prevedete una nuova versione?

    Hello, I tried the ROM Samsungovog UI but unfortunately it does not work the bluetoot, there are patches or expect a new version?

  27. siyman says:

    Hey Anton,

    thank you for your work here. Nice tutorial, I think i’ll spend some time with your information given here after recieving my cubot gt99.
    The question came up already, but it has been some time since. So, do you know of some more up to date roms delivering German language?


    • Anton008 says:

      Dunno. I tried only Samsung and I know that it has DE language. You could try downloading some and tell us if it have lol.

    • Pano says:

      Hello I tried to install the new ROM MATRIX FOR CUBOT GT99 ,but when it is started I get a lot of error from the application …. google play store blocked services blocked .. process – blocked
      I go back to the standard rom of my CUBOT GT99

      please let me know when the big error are fixed

      • Anton008 says:

        I expected that. To be honest for you all. I have tried really a lot of rom and my friend on his cubot installed like every possible on web and we concluded that stock rom is the best.

  28. matko says:

    Hi all! I have rather curious problem…i got cubot with samsung’s rom…bluetooth wasn’t working,but the bigger problem was no auto rotation..i googled it but no one reported that issue…i flashed stock rom to see if problem persist.It did -.- … Sensor app detects rotation sensor,but it doesnt work…tried restarting milion times,checking and unchecking,nine helps…can anyone help ?

  29. yanesz says:

    Hi Anton008,

    I have a problem my cubot gt99 with rom.
    I have done always but this is troubletext on my phone in the end:

    installation aborted

    What is the problem?

  30. Danmark Paul says:

    Sir Anton , my bluetooth seems to be malfunctioning after flashing the Samsung Rom . Can you help me please?

  31. Kris G says:


    Anton008 i’m need POLISH language ROM (any Polish lang ROM from Cubot GT99)…

    Pls help me 😉

  32. Kris G says:

    Anton i’m install Stock ROM and i don’t have Polish lang 🙁 So not any 😛

  33. jiga says:


    does some roms has Slovenian language?
    and slovenian input keyboard?

    thank you

  34. Steffen says:


    Tried to install MIUI-ROM but after step 3, install zip from sd-card my GT99 was booting and now the display just shows a golden MI-logo and nothing more happens. I have this for about 15 minutes now…

    Do I have to wait longer or what is the mistake?

  35. labuse says:

    MIUI V5 [CUBOT GT99] [ANDROID 4.2.1] [4.1.27] [2/2/2014]

  36. Michael says:

    Hi there Anton.
    Do you know where I can get a rom with Danish language support for a Cubot GT72 ?
    Because I have bought this particular model for my son and realised to late that there was no Danish language support in it, so please if you or any one else could help that would be very nice. 🙂

  37. papapa says:

    Rootao sam mobitel i sve je bilo u redu dok nije dosao red na custom ROM, nakon sto sam stisnuo recovery update mobitel se vratio na tvornicke postavke. Nakon nekog vremena nakog sto sam ga ugasio pa upalio ucinio je isto. Mobitel je ostao i dalje rootan iako se vratio na tvornicke. Pomoc? :/

  1. 22. August 2013.

    sta muovendo qualcosa anche per le rom alternative: How to install custom ROM for Cubot GT99 | Anton008 anche se sospetto che si tratti delle rom del Sege xyz, che dovrebbe essere il clone del nostro…

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