Cubot GT99, review of this great phone

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  1. Kozak kaže:

    I have Cubot P9 and skype doesn’t recognize its video cameras. What about GT99, can it do skype video call?

  2. csakisti kaže:

    Please send me a cupon code. Thanks!

  3. csakisti kaže:

    Please send me a cupon code. Thank you!

  4. Naama kaže:

    Send me a coupon code please :)

  5. koko kaže:

    Hi can you send me coupon code for this phone.

  6. Zoran Lukacevic kaže:


    Great review. I like the phone even more now. I decided to buy it. Would you be kind and send me the coupon for the phone? Thanks;).

  7. bob kaže:

    HI Anton,
    Great article. I have a GT99 and am struggling a little with using it. Do you know where there might be a good user instruction file for this phone? The little pamphlet that comes with the phone is very, very basic.
    If you have any suggestions, they will be very welcome. Thanks

  8. dembo kaže:

    kupon molim

  9. Innes kaže:

    Hi can I have the coupon code the phone.
    thanks in advance

  10. George Whiteside kaže:

    Could you please tell me if a standard size Sim Card from Asda fits these phones and do they have any Warranty. I live in Northern Ireland and wonder if the Phones would work here, this would be my first touch screen Phone as I’m a retired person. I would be very glad of help you can give me. Kind Regards George

    • Anton008 kaže:

      It should work. I only don’t know which frequencies are used for 3G in Ireland (phone supports only 2100Mhz which is used also in Croatia), but slower GSM/2G would work. Warranty is 1 year but you need to return phone to China for any repair.

  11. Nedko kaže:

    Can you send me coupon code? Thanks

  12. charlene kaže:

    I have a cubot gt 99 its fast . But the battery life only lasts for about 2hours when on wifi and have never used its back camera cos I always had trouble with it always saying cannot connect. But still I prefer this phone then a samsung s3 which I have too cos its faster and connect from a long distance more.

  13. Klaus Pedersen kaže:

    GPS doesn’t work on mine. I have tried all the suggested fixes that I can do from engineer mode (I haven’t rooted). For me, this phone (bought on Tiny Deal) was a waste of money.

  14. Eldad kaže:

    i would like to know whether the phone can also be shipped to Uganda.. thank you

  15. Missit kaže:

    imam cubot gt99 već 8 mjeseci i super je mobitel, osim što mi se staklo od stražnje kamere ogrebalo i slike su dosta loše nakon toga. Imate li saznanja o zamjeni samog stakla i što se može učiniti? Hvala!

  16. tomislav kaže:

    e bok poštovanje meni neradi gps nikako ga nemogu naredit sve sam vec sa stranica isprobao

  17. PhoneMen kaže:

    Can You send me coupon code for buying Cubot GT99. Thanks in advance!

  18. jay kaže:

    Is it worth me buying it cos at the moment I have a crap Nokia c5 and it only does texting and calling. Plus can it do YouTube and google well on it

  19. Mirka kaže:

    Hi, I would like to ask if you had any problems with videos. Because I made video with phone but I can´t watch it. Everytime I try the phone just restarts itself. Thank you for your answer.

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