Muke s Intelom Z8300 i SD čitačem

Intel Z8300 ima poznati problem da SD čitač nakon nekog vremena prestane raditi. Riječ je o procesoru koji dolazi na tabletima koje pokreće Windows 10, a najnovija ažuriranja ovog OS-a jednostavno su učinila ovaj tablet neupotrebljivim ako je u njemu memorijska kartica. Poznati problem, koji nema rješenja. Ja konkretno imam tablet Ionik W1051 (2/32gb 10″) te nakon KB4038788 tablet se smrzne ako se u njega ubaci memorijska, povrat drivera na neku prethodnu verziju nije pomogao.

Microsoftova Creators Update od listopada uzrokuje boot-loop o čemu pišu mediji, isto se događa i na Ioniku prema forumima.

Zadnja ažuriranja najbolje opisuje istaknuti komentar  new Windows approach of “I installed updates, your computer is broken.

Donosim citat vlasnika Chuwi Hi12 (isti procesor)

I think the problem is 100% software for at least the majority of users.  My card reader worked perfectly all the way through updates from the version of Windows 10 that was originally installed on it for over a year, with 64 & 128GB cards.  Never a problem.  When an MS update screwed the pooch on my machine and I ended up having to “nuke and pave” and then install your Spring Creator’s Update package is when the issue popped up for me.

I’m not blaming you in any way, in fact I was very grateful to find your package and not have to jump through hoops with separate driver installs until I wanted to scream, but there is some fundamental difference that was kept all the way through every update I installed that somehow was no longer there in the version you supplied, again, not your fault.  I contend that either M$ introduced a bug into Win 10 code at some point past the original version of Win 10 that came on these machines last summer, of a type that only gets introduced with apparently a full nuke and pave type situation, i.e., my contention is that whatever code differs was never updated or changed from the original version of Win 10 if one only installed Windows Updates OR Chuwi had some non-standard code or files in the original install that are no longer present in versions sourced directly from M$.  Those seem to really be the only plausible explanations for why it broke on my machine at exactly the point where I had to nuke and pave and re-install, granted a sample of one is not ideal, but it’s what I have to work with.  I believe there is a difference in code or modules running on a machine that has only received Windows 10 updates and one that has had a newer version of Win 10 downloaded and installed.

My conjecture is the difference in code occurs above the driver level and somehow functions with the 8.1 drivers.  Perhaps there is a Chuwi file floating around in the original version of Windows supplied that no one has spotted the need for if installing a clean M$ version of Windows 10.  If the file was not a normally updated part of Windows 10, I could see how Windows Update might miss updating and changing it with normal updates if they are only interested in updating the files that need to be changed for newer versions and the “Chuwi patch” was introduced at a low enough level that it never got updated by Windows Update.

It’s remotely possible it’s coincidence, but of a highly spurious nature.  If someone had the time and the machine to do it on, it would be a very interesting experiment to see if one could find the original version of Win 10 that was supplied on the machines and install it to see if it resolved the issues with the SDHC on an Hi12 with the issue.  If it doesn’t then I’d have to contend that it was somehow involved with an ACPI BIOS change that only comes about if one nukes and paves, rather than just installing updates from the original version which worked with (nearly?) everyone’s SDHC card readers.

At least that’s the way it looks now.  I think people need to get after M$ and cause enough public outcry to get them to devote some resources to resolving the issue or we need to lob the ball back into Chuwi’s court if it can be proven there was some persistent jiggery-pokery done in the verson of Win 10 originally supplied to get the SDHC card readers working above the driver level.  The trouble seems to be that the party at fault has little or no interest in resolving the issue.
Well, that’s my story -albeit pure conjecture, and until I hear something more plausible, I’m sticking with it!


Ništa, čekamo novo ažuriranje i nadamo se ispravku problema

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