Kapud Android car radio Review- (Ford version)

As I wanted to “modernize” my 2007 Ford Fiesta a bit, I wanted to install an Android radio with an 8 “touch screen instead of the old Ford radio CD6000, which has a small screen with only the name of the radio station.

I did not find anything similar in our stores, or it was at an extremely high price and universal for all vehicles (2 DIN) with no installation cables/right size for Ford veichles.

After some searching, I found Kapud Android 10.0 radio from Aliexpress, this version has an 8 “IPS screen with a touch of up to five points, GPS navigation, excellent radio reception, bluetooth talk capability while driving and more. This radio is for

Ford Fiesta 2005-2007

Ford C-Max ->2007

Ford Focus 2005-2008

etc (whichever used Ford CD6000 and is around 2004-2008 generation)

Kapud radio comes in multiple versions, with a 1Gb RAM / 16Gb 4 core processor for around $120, a 2 / 32Gb version for $ 200 and a 4 / 64Gb for $ 250 which also has an LTE SIM card slot. Other versions have a wifi connection to the hotspot of the phone. Since I didn’t need an extra powerful processor or LTE support, I took the most basic version with the TS7 interface.

I have been using it for 6 months now, I am quite satisfied. The microphone is quite solid and if I get a call (radio connected via bluetooth cell phone) the other side can hear me quite well as I can hear it.

Ford uses a special audio jack that comes with the Kapud radio, so if you order for $1 keys to pull out an old radio, you can practically do the whole replacement yourself. Not too complicated. I later thought about it and still bought a reversing camera. It makes it easier for you to park and move backwards.

The reversing camera ($ 10) comes with a 6m cable, and I didn’t know how to run the cable under the upholstery and not damage anything, I recommend Absolute Hi-Fi in Rijeka. The guys are professional and fast and they did that part of the job well, nothing was damaged and the cable is somehow hidden from the console to the bunker door.

The camera has been working for a couple of months without any complaints, it is connected by a long cable hidden behind the upholstery, the camera withstood rain and showers and is hidden and part of the license plate light, although it is stated to be VW, suitable for this Ford.

Every month a new version of FW is released for this radio, I use version 08.2021, I also put a backup on my server https://anton008.com/kapud/ of new version which I got from Aliexpress seller and their support. This is only for TS7 (1/16Gb) version!

In conclusion I recommend this radio and brand “Kapud”. Radio works just fine, there are new updates every month. Camera works pretty well, and the radio signal is strong everywhere. GPS navigation is precise and it really changes and modernizes the car a lot.

Don’t forget to order key tool removal for 1$, too bad seller did not include those (to remove old radio).

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2 komentara

  1. Loki napisao:

    Da li si morao nesto posebno instaliravat ili se samo stari radio izvadi i ukopca se ovaj ili? Takoder gdje se stavlja GPS antena? Samo ukopcas u novi radio i to je to? Hvala

    • Anton008 napisao:

      Adapteri i kabeli koji su došli uz Kapud radio odgovaraju Fordu. GPS antena je stavljena iz radia (ispod ploče) lovi signal sasvim dobro.
      Ako ćeš stavljati stražnju kameru onda je malo složenije. Stavio sam Google Karte i još nekoliko aplikacija. No već dolazi sa iGo navigacijom (uklj. Europa i Balkan).

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